Adjustable Standard Mechanical Seals With Segmented Ring Technology

  • Individual adjustment to a wide range of cable outer diameters
  • Split seal for retrofit installation
  • Gastight and watertight
  • Solid 0.197 inch (5 mm) stainless-steel press plate
  • EPDM rubber

The most diverse adjustable mechanical seal on the market. It can be manufactured to seal different sizes and numbers of cables, conduits, pipes (gas & water) or multiple services in one seal. This standard mechanical seal can serve as a one-piece, split design for sealing cables or pipes already in place. It also works in core drilled openings, sleeves, or conduits.

PHRD Seals, including some standard mechanical seals, are certified by UL and CSA and considered watertight for sealing conduit, tubing, and raceways entering a structure or building.