Your total inside and outside solution.

With innovative sealing systems from Polywater | Hauff Technik, you now have the ability to provide absolute protection in and around your cables, conduits, pipes and building entries.

What We Offer:

Polywater | Hauff Technik offers durable and cost-effective cable and mechanical sealing solutions for both outdoor and indoor settings. Our mechanical, cable and conduit seals offer resilient solutions for the energy and telecommunications industries, ensuring mission-critical equipment is kept protected and in good condition for the long term. Below are the main types of seals we are known for:

Conduit Seals

Our conduit seals protect electrical systems from moisture and prevent gasses and rodents from traveling along cables.

Mechanical Seals

We proudly offer the only super-segmented mechanical seal that adjusts to individual cable and pipe sizes. These modular mechanical seals are perfect for core-drilled holes, sleeves, PVC, and rigid-steel conduits.

Cable Seals

We can work with you to create custom cable seals that guarantee watertight, gastight and overall highly durable performance. These are a top option for cables installed in harsh environments.

Pipe Seals

Customize pipe seals that fit your specific requirements. Our pipe seals are designed to provide ultimate security, giving you peace of mind that critical infrastructure is protected.

Solutions for Solar Power Plants

Here are 3 ways to make solar power plants more resilient:

Sealing around cables entering combiners to protect from dust and weather.
Ensuring inverter performance by sealing out damage-causing rodents.
Maintaining performance of battery storage by eliminating ingress of moisture.

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Sealants designed to meet your needs.

Wall Penetrations

Bringing utility services into buildings is made easy with our wide ranging products.  Our engineered solutions solve your immediate and future construction needs.

Outside the Pipe

We offer multiple solutions to more effectively seal around pipes, conduits and cables that reduce installation time and workmanship errors.

Inside the Conduit

Whether you need to meet NEC codes for sealing conduit/raceways, increase electrical reliability, storm hardening of your system, or manage how cables and pipes enter structures, we have the solution for you.

modular seal with bolt indicator - yellow shows that the seal is secure

Safety that you can see.

Avoid repeated retightening with the world’s first modular seal that includes Integrated Installation Control—a feature that visually indicates when the seal is secure, so you can confidently complete the job.


“When you see yellow, you know it’s tight.  This simple and effective feature of the PGKD makes it stand apart from other modular seals.  It gives the crew–and everyone else–the peace of mind that other seals can’t offer.”

– Product Evaluator