Your total inside and outside solution.

With innovative sealing systems from Polywater | Hauff-Technik, you now have the ability to provide absolute protection in and around your cables, conduits, pipes and building entries.

What We Offer:

Polywater | Hauff-Technik offers durable and cost-effective cable and mechanical sealing solutions for both outdoor and indoor settings. Our mechanical, cable, pipe and conduit seals offer resilient solutions for several industries, ensuring mission-critical equipment is protected and in good condition for the long term. The following are industries we provide conduit and mechanical seals to most frequently:


Our conduit seals shield critical electrical systems from moisture, gas, and pests that could cause serious damage or outages to power generators, substations, and battery storage facilities.


Used widely in data centers, airports, public buildings, and HVAC equipment, our mechanical seals eliminate the risk of environmental contamination that could cause serious disruptions or pose risk to the public.


Critical in keeping wastewater contained, potable water protected, and dams fully functioning, Polywater | Hauff-Technik’s mechanical pipe seals ensure critical systems will not allow substances to flow out of, or into, the pipes.


Polywater | Hauff-Technik’s mechanical pipe seals offer trusted protection from water and pest intrusion. Installed in wall openings, these seals have proven to be effective in protecting critical equipment from costly damage.

Polywater | Hauff Technik PHSD Mechanical Seal

Sealing Transmission Cables with PHSD

The PHSD seal stands out as a reliable and flexible solution for sealing HDVC and other high voltage cables within large conduits, specifically 6 or 8 inch.  Its one-piece super-segmented design ensures a customized and secure fit for each installation, and its material composition ensures durability and high performance. PHSD seal is a proven choice for current and future transmission projects.

PHSD Pipe Sizing Table

Sealants designed to meet your needs.

Secure and Scalable Entrances

Bringing utility services into buildings is made easy with our wide-ranging products.  Our engineered solutions solve your immediate and future construction needs.

Reliable External Seals

We offer multiple solutions to more effectively seal around pipes, conduits and cables that reduce installation time and workmanship errors.

Internal Conduit Security

Whether you need to meet NEC codes for sealing conduit/raceways, increase electrical reliability, storm hardening of your system, or manage how cables and pipes enter structures, we have the solution for you.