Custom Mechanical Watertight Seal

  • Durable materials stand up to corrosive environments and rodent infestation.
  • Reliable gastight, watertight performance guaranteed.
  • Easy installation for new or installed cables/pipes.
  • EDPM, NBR, Silicone, or KTW rubbers available.

Polywater│Hauff-Technik PHRD custom cable seals provide end users with mechanical, watertight seal solutions for their unique applications. Power cables, control cables, bus bar and pipes can all be sealed. PHRD is a watertight seal that offers an optimal solution for sealing conduits to meet NEC and NESC codes. Custom cable seals are an excellent option in environments with post-installation movement, vibration, high water pressure, or if negative pressure must be maintained.

This mechanical watertight seal features plugs in each opening, offering the flexibility to use one or all of the custom cable/pipe openings.

PHRD seals are certified by UL and CSA and considered watertight for sealing conduit, tubing, and raceways entering a structure or building.