System Covers

System cover seals create secure transitions for pipe wall inserts and cables.

  •  Excellent for transitioning direct-buried or open-trenched cables
  •  For cable from diameter 0.197-1.220 inch (5-31 mm)
  •  Integrated torque control system
  •  Simple to re-use and re-install
  •  All segment openings closed with blind plugs
  •  Gastight and watertight up to 7.25 PSI (0.5 bar) when installed on outside of the building

Direct buried cable that needs to enter an underground structure or building entrance should be sealed to ensure that water, dirt, gasses, or rodents can’t penetrate. Heat-shrink or cold-shrink system cover seals integrate with the PHSI 150 Varias to create a secure transition for your cables and pipe wall inserts on the outside of vaults, manholes, substations or building entrances.

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