Seal single pipes and conduits with speed and accuracy by utilizing the simple segmented rings. Each ring of rubber corresponds to standard pipe ODs and allows easy sizing in the field.
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The only modular seal that visually lets you know when your seal is properly tightened. There are no loose parts. Offers stainless steel 316 hardware and is watertight up to 72.50 PSI.
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Seal single cables, pipes, and conduits with speed and accuracy by utilizing the super segmented ring technology. Each ring of rubber has the OD's imprinted on them to easily fit your article to size...
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Create watertight entrances in poured concrete structures with this lightweight, cement-coated UPVC sleeve. Integrates with mechanical and chemical sealants for all your pipe and cable sealing needs.
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Custom mechanical seals for your project’s unique cable configuration. Power cables, control cables, bus bar and pipes can all be sealed to meet NEC and NESC codes.
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Stock models have segmented rings that can fit cable ODs in the field, rather than ordering and having to wait for custom-cut seals.
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Wall Flanges

Create watertight entrances on aging concrete, block, brick, knock-out window in precast vaults or manholes, and metal buildings or containers with durable wall flanges.
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Has super segmented ring technology that allows you to custom fit cable ODs in the field by peeling off layers of rubber to achieve the exact size needed. Available in multiple sizes to fit a wide ran...
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Create secure and tight entrances into containers, substations, and powerhouses or adapt to aging concrete infrastructure. Integrates with other seals to make watertight connections.
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PHSI Wall Sealing System

Helps you create better duct-bank entrances into structures for current and future construction needs using engineered technology. Varia easily connects and expands to fit different wall thicknesses.
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System Covers

Integrate with the PHSI Varia to create closed seals into buildings from direct-buried or open-trenched cables. Heat-shrink system covers can seal up to seven cables.
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Integrates with the PHSI Varia to create more versatile, organized cable seals. Four models help you manage multiple cables into one opening, allowing flexibility to swap out or add future cables.
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Integrates with the PHSI Varia to create airtight, watertight seals into buildings, vaults, manholes, substations, and powerhouses. Multiple sizes available for variety of cable and conduit openings.
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Designed to seal numerous cables that enter portable substations, powerhouses, containers, and control buildings. One-piece design modules swing open to easily insert cables entering the structure.
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Tools and integrated system components to help you install or complete your job. Engineered to meet your immediate and future construction needs.
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Mechanical seals, sealants, wall sleeves and accessories give you a comprehensive sealing system.

Polywater | Hauff-Technik offers comprehensive sealing systems for projects that require reliable solutions for the most critical infrastructure. No matter the environment you’re working in, Polywater | Hauff-Technik can provide stock and custom mechanical seals, sleeve seals and accessories to ensure cables, pipes, and conduits remain protected from water or pest intrusion. We offer everything from sealant for outside pipes to custom mechanical seals for conduits within substations. Our range of products, including mechanical seals, is meant to protect mission-critical equipment for the long term, and can be customized to fit whichever size of conduit you’re working with. Here are some FAQs about our mechanical seals:

What is a mechanical seal used for?

Mechanical seals are a trusted way to seal conduits while accommodating either cables or pipes that need to pass through while staying protected from intrusions like water, pests and gas. Custom mechanical seals can be manufactured to create a seal that can be designed to meet your unique sealing needs.

What is the difference between a mechanical seal and a normal seal?

Compared to other types of seals, like spray foam, mechanical seals offer an extremely long-lasting and hardy solution. Polywater | Hauff-Technik’s mechanical seals are made of durable materials that won’t corrode when installed in harsh environments. Custom mechanical seals are available to fit any size of conduit to ensure total watertight and gastight performance. 

How long should a mechanical seal last?

This answer will depend on the environment in which the mechanical seal is installed, but Polywater | Hauff-Technik’s mechanical seals have a 10-year warranty. 

Do mechanical seals need lubrication?

Stick lubricant is recommended while installing mechanical seals. This helps facilitate faster movement of the rubber when the seal is tightened to a specific torque. 

How do I choose a mechanical seal?

This depends on your project and application. The right mechanical seal offers a durable, complete seal that protects cables or pipes from damage. It’s important to prioritize quality construction, corrosion resistance, and even certifications, if possible. For example, Polywater | Hauff-Technik offers custom mechanical seals that are certified by UL and CSA and considered watertight for sealing conduit, tubing, and raceways entering a structure or building.

What is the most commonly used mechanical seal?

Modular link seals, like the PGKD, are most commonly used for sealing annular spaces within the electrical, gas, water and HVAC markets.