Standard Mechanical Seals
With Super Segmented Ring Technology

  •  Super segmented ring technology allows individual adjustments to the pipe/cable diameter on site
  •  Segments imprinted with exact diameter indication and predefined breaking point
  •  Ideal for smaller pipes, larger cables, or multiple cable/pipe OD’s covered with one seal
  •  Available in 1.575 inch (40 mm) width EPDM or NBR rubber
  •  Completely gastight and watertight
  •  Visual and tangible installation reliability due to built-in inspection opening

A faster, easier installation over “Linkseal®” style products. The super segmented ring technology of PHSD allows you to fit numerous OD’s of pipes or cables with one seal in the field. It also provides the installer optical and tangible security through the integrated control opening.

Pipe Sizing Table