Press Seal Entry Kit

  •  Each module with double-row split-cable sealing system
  •  Gastight and watertight modular system for sealing up to 24 cables
  •  Applicable for frames 4.724 x 8.661 inches (120 x 220 mm) with sealing width 1.181 inches (30 mm)
  •  Module 1 = 8 cables with OD 1.181–1.339 inches (OD 30–34 mm)
  •  Module 2 with segmented rings = 8 cables with OD 0.472–0.630 inch (OD12–16 mm), 0.787–0.945 inch (20–24 mm) or 1.181–1.339 inch (30–34 mm)
  •  Stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L) hardware and integrated blind plugs for future pathways

Innovative sealing system for substations, containers, powerhouses, and modular-power structures. The press seal entry kit is the optimum sealing solution for multiple cables that must be inserted into prefabricated containers or from substation trenches. It’s truly an engineered cable management system that’s easy to install.

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