Segmento Offers Flexible Cable Management Integration with PHIS-150 Varias

  • Particularly flexible, gentle sealing with technogel
  • For cables with outside diameters 0.196–1.220 inch (5–31 mm)
  • Integrated torque control system
  • Simple to re-use and re-install
  • All segment openings closed with blind plugs
  • Gastight and watertight up to 7.25 PSI (0.5 bar) when installed on outside of the building

Segmento offers you an engineered cable-management solution that handles a wide range of different sizes of electrical, signal, or PV cables when entering structures. It arranges them in a more organized manner, providing an easy way to change out cables or update a system—a concern for data centers or anyone needing a quick response to outages or upgrades.

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