Modular Seal with Visual Installation Indicator

•  Integrated, visual installation control—no torque wrench required
•  No retightening required
•  Nuts molded into the pressure plates—no loose parts
•  Gastight and watertight up to 72.50 PSI (5 bar)
•  All metal parts made of high-quality stainless steel V4A (AISI 316L)
•  Available in EPDM or NBR rubber

“Did I install it correctly?”, is the most asked question when installing a modular linked seal. The PGKD is the only product on the market that gives you a definitive answer along with confidence. Its unique integrated installation control visually indicates when the seal is secure. Crews, engineers, and owners get the added peace of mind and security that the PGKD has been installed properly. Gas, water, sewer, and electrical crews will appreciate having the nuts molded into the pressure plate, a design that greatly reduces the risk of lost parts.




Required Accessories