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Date: 08/28/2020

Structure entrances —secure, sealed, scalable

Duct banks are designed to protect underground cabling and provide entrances into a structure. With few choices and limited permitting, it is important to consider which entrance best allows future expansion with minimal additional cost.

For poured or cast structures, the PHSI-VARIA offers a new way to create a gastight and watertight duct banks.  This solution creates secure, sealed pathways now and into the future.

• Effortlessly create duct banks by locking modules together.
• Patented design easily secures to rebar or forms.
• Inner ribs direct concrete into place and, when cured, guard against water ingress.
• Clear cover provides protection against debris with a double-seal and improves site safety
by allowing field crews to check for water in the duct before removal.

PHSI sealing options are engineered to integrate with the bayonet locking mechanism on Varia and DFK entrances. This ensures proper alignment for a watertight and gastight seal. Every time. Sealing options:
• Interlocking heat and cold shrink seals connect cables from direct buried or open trough duct banks.

PHSI-DG and PHSI-PHRD6 mechanical seals provide exceptional sealing and durability for single or multiple cables/pipes.

• The innovative Segmento modular system integrates with PHSI to manage newly installed cables. Match various cable sizes and configurations with three insert module choices for flexibility and field convenience. Change cable group combinations with ease. Unused openings are sealed and available for future use.



PSEK offers a closed system for up to 24 cable per frame.  It inserts easily into portable distribution centers, containers, and above-grade substation and building entrances.

  • The split design swings open to quickly and easily seal cables.

External pipe security — protecting from structural damage

The NESC code requires sealing both inside and around conduits at building entrances to prevent the incursion of gases into structures. In addition to keeping out gases, seals can prevent water, dirt, and rodents from causing costly damage and outages.

PHSI-DFK or PHRD-FG flanges are easily installed in existing concrete or metal structures for a durable entrance. Both flanges create resilient and reliable sealing systems when combined with Polywater-Hauff Technik mechanical seals.

Mounted enclosures and equipment need to block more than debris and water. Rodents, snakes, and insects can damage cables, create outages, and pose health risks. Polywater InstaGrout™ deploys conveniently in the field, requiring no water.• Flows freely around stub-up cables and conduits, and self levels.• Cures to form a robust barrier that effectively seals an enclosure from intruders.



PGKD modular

The PGKD modular seal offers durability and performance, and assures owners and installers that it has been installed properly.• Watertight to 72 PSI.• An integrated, patented visual indicator that validates secure seal installation.

The PHSD SSG provides the ability to peel individual layers of EPDM rubber to custom fit the annular space and OD of a conduit or cable in the field.
• Installers can inventory seals for a wide range of projects and cable/pipe diameters.
• Watertight to 32 PSI.


Internal pipe security — preventing costly outages

All buildings, particularly those with mission-critical functions, require robust watertight and gastight seals at structural pathway entrances, as stated in NEC code. Conduits and pipes must be completely sealed to prevent damage or outages caused by water, gas, dirt, or rodents, especially in Class 1 Division 2 locations.

Polywater | Hauff -Technik seals:
• Engineered one-piece design that opens to fit installed cables
• Guaranteed performance backed by a 10-year warranty
• Watertight to 32 PSI
• Effective in environments with post installation movement or vibration
• Maintains a pressure differential for negative pressure spaces

PHRK and PHRD-SG segmented ring technology enables installers to custom fit cables in the field by peeling and removing the rings.
• Unused openings remain closed until needed for future expansion.
• Choose from a variety of sizes and cable opening configurations.


PHRD seals are custom-cut to meet your cabling project needs.
• UL certified for conduit entrances in buildings with critical electrical equipment areas.
• Optional flanged pressure plates offer greater safety and ease of installation in vertical applications.

FST™ and AFT™ 
For situations where mechanical seals are not an option, Polywater FST and AFT closed-cell duct sealants meet the NEC requirements for raceway seals while providing superior performance.


Infrastructure designed to last

Your Project.
Strong infrastructure construction is needed to better protect customers from outages. How are systems hardened against water, gas, weather, and rodents? There is no “one size fits all” solution for grid hardening and asset protection.

Your Solution.
The ability to provide hardened protection in and around cables, conduits, pipes, and structure entrances exists with innovative sealing systems from Polywater | Hauff Technik. Our solutions are durable, reliable, and easy to install. Specify these products to ensure your project is built to last.

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